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Locke Lake Property Owners Association - Monticello, MN

Our goal is to reduce the impact of how our properties affect the natural state of the lake and to endeavor to work together as a community to make Locke Lake an oasis just 40 miles from the big city.


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I-94 Monticello to Clearwater virtual open house Project Meetings Page


2022 Calendar of Events

Date Time Event Information
May 21 10:30 AM Association Meeting

Silver Creek Township Hall
Potluck to Follow

June 18 11:00 AM Association Meeting Craig
Davidson's house. 3264 142nd St NW
July 4 Dawn Fishing Contest Weigh in at 11:00am
July 4 1:00 PM Boat Parade Meet at the boat landing
Theme TBD
July 16 3.00 PM Association Meeting
9th Annual Steak Fry
and Potluck
Lisa and Dave Olson's Lake Home
August 27 3:00 PM
5:00 PM

Association Meeting
Smoke on the Water Rib Fest and Potluck

Mark and Jeanne Egge's Home
14242 Duffield Ave NW

September 10   9 AM Creek Cleaning Bring Waders, gloves, water boots/shoes,
small saws, chain saws, a strong back and
great attitude
Meet at the usual spot or
contact Brian Volk at
763-458-8418 for car
 pooling from Locke Lake
 or directions



Documents and Links

Direction of Travel and No Wake Zone Map
Locke Lake Statistics
Locke Lake Survey
Locke Lake Satellite Image
Silver Creek Township
Wright County
Department of Natural Resources
The Fishery of Locke Lake
Green Light 94
I-94 Monticello to Clearwater virtual open house Project Meetings Page
What to Do About Canada Geese
Teaching Children the Importance of Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Your Septic-Out of Sight Not Out of Mind

Wright County Resource for Water Issues: Commissioner Darek Vetsch
Mail To: Darek.Vetsch@co.wright.mn.us



Thank a Board Member Today!
Board Members volunteer to serve on the Locke Lake Board, some have for years. For them, it is an add on to the many other things that they do, including their career, family, other volunteer opportunities and social life. 
Showing our appreciation that they are willing to serve and that we value their time, effort and their input is the least we can do. Current Board Members