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Locke Lake Property Owners Association - Monticello, MN

Lake Improvement Committee

The Lake Improvement Committee (LIC) was formed in 2003 to work entirely on improving Locke Lake. Our members are not elected, and we are always looking for helping hands. If you would like to see positive changes so that Locke Lake remains a great place to live, and so that property values continue to increase, then please contact one of the LIC members and come to the next meeting. We meet every 6-8 weeks.

Lake Management Plan
A long-term lake management plan was created after holding a "visioning" session in early 2003 which was attended by over 60 property owners and other concerned citizens. Using input from the session the LIC developed the following goals:

1. Improve water quality to meet expectations of lake property owners and recreational users.
2. Protect and improve aquatic and shoreline plant populations to support fish and wildlife, prevent erosion, and allow for recreational use of the lake.
3. Protect and improve the population of game fish
4. Eliminate lakeshore and watershed septic systems as significant sources of lake pollution.
5. Protect and improve the natural beauty and value of shoreline property.

The plan lays out actions that have been or will be taken to achieve the above goals. If you would like a paper or email copy, please contact a committee member.

The LIC operates as a group of volunteers with no operating budget. Activities to improve the lake are paid through property owner fees, lake association dues, grants, and fundraisers.

Accomplishments to Date

1. Researched, wrote and distributed a Lake Management Plan for Locke Lake.
2. Earned $5,000 in grants from the Initiative Foundation, half of which has been received. The rest will be received after we complete a lake improvement project in 2004.
3. Thoroughly researched the use of copper sulfate as an algae control method, concluding it is safe for Locke Lake.
4. Organized and implemented whole lake algae treatment for 2003 and 2004.
5. Organized and implemented curly leaf pond weed treatment for 2004 for those residents who wanted it.
6. Printed and distributed best management practices to lake shore property owners.
7. Encouraged a voluntary no wake zone in the smallest bay of the lake to minimize disturbed sediment, which can lead to more algae.
8. Met with an engineering firm to understand the likely causes of excess algae and received a bid for a lake engineering study.. The study is currently on hold until we can decide whether it is worth the $15,000 - $20,000 price tag.
9. Researched and informed property owners on the DNR's stocking program for Locke Lake.
10. Provided written information to property owners in the lake association news letter to encourage good choices regarding buffer strips, fertilizer usage, and erosion control.
11. Met with the Silver Lake Association and the Soil and Water conservation Agency Manager to generate ideas on how to reduce upstream pollution.
12. Walked the entire length of the creek between Silver and Locke to search for potential sources of pollution.
13. Conducted a septic system survey to help deal with systems that may be polluting the lake. We are currently working with home owners who have systems that may need repair.